Сава Центар, Београд

Мај 23-25, 2019


Sport and Exercise Cardiology Course

Time Subject Presenter
07h30 – 08h00 Registration
08h00 – 08h10 Welcome and introduction Course director
08h10 – 08h45 Sport and Exercise Cardiology – the need, and the role of the healthcare provider Prof. dr Dragan Radovanović
08h45 – 09h20 Cardiac physiology Prof. dr Vladimir Jakovljević
9h20 – 10h00 Preparticipation cardiovascular examination in pediatric sports medicine Ass. dr Sergej Prijić
10h00 – 10h15 The role of magnesium dr Danijela Tasić
10h15 – 10h30 Break – Morning tea
10h30 – 12h00

Cardiac pathology of relevance to sports – symptomatic and asymptomatic

Cardiac arrhythmias in young athletes.
Myocarditis in athletes - diagnostic,treatment and recommendation for physical activity

Ass. dr Goran Vukomanović
Prof. dr Vladislav Vukomanović

12h00 – 12h40 Congenital heart diseases and sports activities Prof dr Vojislav Parezanović
12h40 – 14h00 Break – lunch
14h00 – 14h35 Cardiac medication – effect on exercise, exercise effect on action of medication; doping considerations Prof dr Nenad Dikić
14h35 – 15h55

Diagnostic in cardiology

Ultrasound in cardiologic diagnosis.
Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in risk stratification of sudden cardiac death in athletes

Prof dr Ana Djordjević Dikić
Ass. Prof. dr Marija Zdravković

15h55 – 16h30 The collapsed athlete – considering non cardiac causes and co- morbidities Prof. dr Branislav Milovanović
16h30 End of day one
Time Subject Presenter
08h00 – 9h15

Electrocardiogram (ECG) – of relevance to sports and exercise – basic review of normal; abnormal. ECG in preparticipation scrееning of athletes – current guidelines and dilemmas

Ass Prof. dr Vojislav Giga
dr Sanja Ninić

9h15 – 9h50

Exercise a cornerstone of cardiovascular prevention

Prof dr Nebojša Tasić

9h50 – 11h00

Exercise for cardiac rehabilitation – CAD, Cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias…

Ergometry and Ergospirometry.
Rehabilitation in coronary artery disease and cardiomyopathies

Ass. Prof. dr Ivana Nedeljkovic
dr Ivana Burazor

11h00 – 11h15 Break – tea
11h15 – 11h50 Case discussions dr Milena Antić
11h50 – 12h25 Case discussions dr Gordana Korolija Mrdjanov
12h25 – 12h55 Lunch
12h55 – 13h30 Cardiac resuscitation in children - theory dr Snezana Rsovac
13h30 – 14h05 Cardiac resuscitation – theory Adults dr Nebojsa Damjanovic
14h05 – 14h50 Cardiac resuscitation
14h50 – 15h20 MCQ examination and course evaluation
15h20 Closure


Dr Burazor Ivana

Chief of Cardiology Department, Institute for Rehabilitation, Belgrade, Serbia
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Dr Damjanović Nebojša

Military Medicine Academy, Clinical for Anesthesiology and Resuscitation
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Prof Djordjević Dikić Ana

Professor of Internal medicine. Medical school of Belgrade, University of Belgrade.
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Ass dr Giga Vojislav

Cardiology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia
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Dr Korolija Mrdjanov Gordana

Cardiologist, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Belgrade
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Prof Milovanović Branislav

Director of Internal Clinic UCC Bezanijska Kosa, Head of Neurocardiological Laboratory
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Asst Prof Prijić Sergej

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine - University of Belgrade
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Prof Radovanović Dragan

Professor at University of Nis, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Head of Department of Medical Sciences
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Prim dr Rakić Ninić Sanja

Mother and Child Health Care Institute of Serbia
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Dr Rsovac Snežana

Chief of PICU and NICU in University Childrens hospital
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