The 2nd Serbian International

Sports Medicine Conference

New Dimension
in Sports Medicine

Sava Center, Belgrade

May 23-25, 2019



Sport, especially professional sport, has long been recognized as a social phenomenon that generates positive change in society. In Serbia, professional sport has a special place which is best evidenced by the serious attitude towards this phenomenon and, on the other hand, by shiny medals that are the result of such an attitude. Sport in Serbia has become an inseparable part of the national culture and today much attention is dedicated to sport as an important factor in the physical and mental health of people, especially children.

For decades, the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine has been the backbone of development of sport in Serbia. As a unique institution that dedicates its attention to both top athletes and the youngest ones, we have been continuously working to improve, expand and enhance our activities. In this way, we directly influence both the results of professional athletes, and the proper development of children and youth. Our work over the years has been recognized in the new Law on Sports, in which we were given the status of the National Training Center, which is a great honor for us, but also an even greater responsibility.

The Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is today the base of professional sport in every respect. Our specialists from various fields of medicine, biomechanics, motoric tests, psychology and other scientific disciplines, prepare athletes on their way to winning medals, regularly control and monitor the progress of athletes. In addition to regular testing, the Institute manages sports facilities that are available to not only elite professional, but also to general public, with accompanying educational, sports and health-care programs.

The state of the art diagnostic technology, continuous education of employees, building partnerships with other leading institutions in the field of sport and sports medicine, as well as continuous monitoring and implementation of the latest trends in these areas are what the Institute is especially proud of, given that our activities are directly reflected in the results of our athletes.

The season of won medals behind us is the best evidence of the serious attitude of the state toward sport, and we are proud that the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine has contributed to this glow. In the past year we have received the status of the National Training Center, and have become an unavoidable point on the map of Serbian sports, and have remained the leading institution in the field of sports medicine, not only in the country but in the region, while at the same time we have expanded the range of services especially in the sports camp Karatas, which is mostly used by young people.


Introduction by the Director

The Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is a unique center in the region that integrates sport and sports medicine with-in one institution. As the only specialized institution with sports and sports medicine as its two primary areas, for many years we have developed a multidisciplinary system that today operates to the highest standards.

For many years we have been improving not only the infrastructure that includes outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Sports Hall, tennis, football and other courts, trim trail and Trim Hotel for accommodation of athletes, but we have been simultaneously working on the modernization of the Institute and training of personnel.

Today, services are offered to athletes, people practicing sport as a recreation and general public by specialists in the field of sports and sports medicine, from various scientific disciplines. The Institute has set up teams that are involved in testing, analytics, as well as scientific and other research in order to promote top-level sport and the general health of the population.

Since its foundation, the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine has focused its research and activities focused on top athletes. Our continuous research is a repository of valuable information for creating policies dealing with the highest achievements in professional sport, and proper development of children. We have been actively participating in this, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia. We believe that athletes are the most important resource of our country, together with young people who are part of our institute.

We have every reason to be proud because new people are constantly coming to us, young people and those in their best age, and also those who return to us again and those who have been very early on entrusted to us the care about their condition, health and results.

We invite you to visit us, to feel the sport spirit, to meet the leading experts in the field of sport and sports medicine and to experience a truly unique energy that cha-racterizes us.

Goran Bojovic
Director of the Serbian Institute
of Sport and Sports Medicine