The 2nd Serbian International

Sports Medicine Conference

New Dimension
in Sports Medicine

Sava Center, Belgrade

May 23-25, 2019



President Goran Bojović, M.Ec

Director of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine
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President Vanja Udovičić

Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Youth and Sports
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Prof. Fabio Pigozzi MD, MD, PhD, FFIMS, RCPI, RCS

President, International Federation of Sports Medicine
Professor of Internal Medicine and Rector
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Prof. Dr. Yannis Pitsiladis, MMedSci., PhD, FACSM

Professor of Sport and Exercise Science | University of Brighton
2015 present IOC Medical and Scientific Commission
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Prof Demitri Constantinou, MBBCh, BSc (Med) (Hons), MSc (Med), MPhil, FFIMS FACSM

University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Health Science
Chair FIMS Education Commission
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Prof. Emin Ergen, MD, PhD

Professor of Sports Medicine (Ankara Univ. Turkey), 1994
Consultant, Medical Director, Qatar Armed Forces Physical Medicine Center, Doha, 2014-2017
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Prof Dikić Nenad

President of Doping Control Board in Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia
FIBA Europe Medical Commission and FIBA supervisory medical doctor
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Dr Gavrilović Tamara

CEO of the Medical Department, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine (SISSM), Belgrade, Serbia
Assistant Director for Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Physician & PhD in progress from 2016., Clinical Research-->
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Prof Jakovljević Vladimir

Professor of Physiology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Kragujevac
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Prof Jevtić Branislav

Professor, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade
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Prof Kadija Marko

Director, Clinic of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Clinical Center of Belgrade
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Prof Krivokapić Zoran

Professor of Medical School, Belgrade
Head of the Third Department for colorectal surgery of The First Surgical Clinic
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Prof Milinković Zdeslav

President of Society for Medicine in Sport Serbia
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Prof Parezanović Vojislav

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Head of Cardiology Department, University Children’s Hospital, Belgrade
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Prof Tasić Nebojša

Professor of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade
President HISPA-e
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Prof Vukomanović Vladislav

Mother and Child Health Care Institute of Serbia „Dr Vukan Cupic“
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
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Ass Prof Zdravković Marija

CEO of the University Hospital medical Center Bezanijska Kosa, University of Belgrade, Serbia
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Prof Badtieva Victoria

Sport Medicine Clinic (Chief of Moscow research center of medical rehabilitation and sports medicine), Moscow
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Prof Bilzon James

Professor of Human and Applied Physiology, University of Bath, UK
Professor, Department for Health
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Prof Mats Borjesson

Head of the Center for Health and Performance (CHP) | University of Gothenburg. Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
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Prof El Shal Nael

Head of Radiology department, AL GARHOUD Private Hospital, Dubai, UAE
Scientific Field of Expertise: Diagnostic and interventional radiology
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Prof Minhao Xie

Chinese National Institute of Sports Medicine
Receiver of the Special Government Allowances of the State Council
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Mourad Ghrairi MD

CMO FIFA medical Centre Of Excellence Dubai
Physical medicine, Rehabilitation & sport medicine
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Mittal Brajesh MD

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Chairman- SCALE
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David Niederseer MD

University Hospital, Zurich, Department of Cardiology
Scientific Field of Expertise: Cardiology, sports cardiology
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Prof Pisot Rado

Director, Science and Research Centre, Koper, Slovenia · Institute for Kinesiology Research
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Prof Swart Jeroen

Senior Lecturer, Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine (ESSM)
Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town
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Tashima Dohi Michiko MD

Associated director, Medical Center, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
Member of FIFA Medical Committee
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Zelenkova Irina MD

Russian Olympic Committee Innovation Centre, Moscow, Russia
Director of Sport Science
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Yacine Zerguini MD

Orthopedic Surgery – Sport Traumatology
Vice-Président: CAF Medical Committee Senior Advisor: FIFA Medical Center of Excellence - Dubai, UAE
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Dr Andjelković Marija

Anti-doping Agency of Serbia as W/A and TUE Manager
President of UIAA Anti-doping Commission
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Dr Antić Milena

Internal Medicine Specialist, Cardiologist
Department of Sports Medicine, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Belgrade
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Božić Predrag PhD

Head of Department for Motor Research and Sports Analytics, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Belgrade
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Dr Crnobarić Aleksandar

Institute of Orthopedic Surgery “Banjica“, Belgrade, Serbia
Orthopedic and traumatology surgeon
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Dr Durmić Tijana

Institute of Forensic Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia
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Dr Krivokapić Branislav

Orthopedic and traumatology surgeon, Institute for orthopedic surgery “Banjica”, Belgrade, Serbia
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Assoc Prof Nedeljković Ivana

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine Department. Medical school of Belgrade, University of Belgrade.
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Dr Plećević Saša

PR of Serbian Association of Spot Medicine
Founder of Dr Feelgood program and Healthy child program
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Dr Spasovski Duško

Orthopedic surgeon at the Paediatric Orthopaedics Department
Institute for Orthopedic Surgery "Banjica", Serbia
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Dr Tasić Danijela

Master of science, Cardiology, Belgrade University Medical, 2007
Head, Center for Hypertension
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Ass Prof Živković Vladimir

Associate Professor of Physiology at Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Kragujevac
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